Keep Your Guns Looking Brand-New

Visit our gunsmith in Gaston, SC

Are you searching for an experienced gunsmith to restore, refurbish or repair your guns? Look no further than Sandy Run Outdoors. We provide first-rate gunsmithing services to customers throughout Gaston, SC. From metal finishing to gun cleaning, we can do it all. You can count on us to make your guns look new.

Stop by our gun and hardware shop today. We look forward to working with you.

What gunsmithing services do we provide?

Whether you're looking to customize a new gun or get an existing gun oiled up, our gunsmith is here to help. Our gunsmithing services include the following categories:

  • Cleaning and oiling - we can completely strip each gun, clean all the parts and check for excess wear.
  • Metal finishing - we do refinishing, polishing, bluing and rebluing.
  • Sights - we install sights, mount scopes, cut rings, drill and install shotgun beads and install bore and range sights.
  • Barrel and action - we can install muzzle breaks and flash suppressors, remove stuck rounds from chambers and remove obstructions from barrels.
  • Stocks - we can refinish stocks, recut checkering, add glass bedding and pillar beds and install recoil pads and adjustable butt plates. We can also install studs, swivels and recoil reducers and reshape stocks.
  • Handguns - we do revolver action tuning, barreling, trigger jobs and semi-auto action jobs, and we can fit custom safety trigger locks.
  • ARs - we install aftermarket triggers, flash hiders, gas blocks, pins, welds and new barrels with extensions. We can also tune gas blocks and triggers, tread barrels and complete regular maintenance or full rebuilds.
  • Shotguns - we can polish chambers and bores, open or modify chokes and install screw-in chokes.
Please call us at 803-939-1486 for pricing and services not listed. Ask for Adam Hailey. All our services are completed in-house.